Eleni Katsoulis

Manager and Principal Occupational Therapist

With over 14 years in the Occupational Rehabilitation industry, Eleni has expertise in both the prevention and rehabilitation aspects of workplace health. This experience has led to the development of strong communication, negotiation and organisational skills, which allow for positive interactions with a range of different stakeholders. This further allows an ability to provide thorough and concise assessments, offering independent yet professionally-sound recommendations leading to beneficial outcomes for all.

Since the establishment Aceso Rehabilitation, Eleni has been strongly involved in occupational rehabilitation of not only complex physical conditions such as cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and neurological conditions, but also predominantly with psychological conditions, such as depression and anxiety. This has led to the development of approaches not only for the successful return to work of individuals, but also strategies to aide in their recovery and the overall improvement of quality of life. Further, with over 3 years of engagement as an in-house Life Insurance Rehabilitation Consultant, Eleni has been able to consolidate her expertise in this industry with additional insight and understanding of client’s rehabilitation requirements on the background of claims, including income protection, Group Salary Continuance and TPD.